Why Choose Us?


We dare say that there is no other company with as much experience of traveling by motorcycle as Touratech. We work daily with bikes and products that must meet the demands of all roads in the world. Over the years, this has provided us with vast experience in traveling, accessories and riding techniques. We know what works out there and what doesn’t.

Adventure Days
Adventure Days
Adventure Days

Experience from Adventure Days

We have organised the event Adventure Days in Säfsen, Sweden, since 2009. The experience gathered during these years, with more than 2 000 participants in basic gravel rider training has given us a very good idea of what Scandinavian adventure motorcyclists want and need. If you have taken thes introduction training at Adventure Days, you have scratched the surface, and understand how much two whole days with constant feedback from our instructors can give you, in terms of balance, control and confidence.

Official BMW Motorrad Offroad Training Centre

We are the only official BMW Motorrad Training Center in the Nordic countries. This means that we have close cooperation with BMW Motorrad regarding everything from the training of instructors to technical support and motorcycles.

Touratech Experience - Förarutbildning
Touratech Experience - Förarutbildning

Certified BMW Motorrad Offroad Training Centre

Our chief instructor is IIA-trained (BMW Motorrad International Instructor Academy). To become an authorized BMW Motorrad instructor, in addition to long experience and very good riding techniques, pedagogical knowledge and the ability to see what each individual participant needs is a must. Wherever in the world you choose to carry out a certified BMW Motorrad training, you should be sure that you get the best possible training, which is tailored specifically for you.


Always the newest BMW GS models

We always have around 30 BMW GS of the latest model available for our rider training’s, from the F750 GS to the R1250 GS & Adventure. You can choose to ride the motorcycle you own or the one you are looking to buy. We dare to say that a better opportunity to test ride the new GS models does not exist! Of course, you are welcome to complete the training on your own motorcycle if you wish, regardless of brand and model. It should, however, be an offroad / adventure model and must be insured, taxed, inspected and approved for use on public roads.

BMW R1250 GS Adventure
BMW R1250 GS
BMW F850 GS Adventure
Touratech Experience - Förarutbildning

Experienced instructors

Our instructors are picked by hand for their unique experiences in gravel riding, traveling, adventure and motorcycles. In addition to many years of riding experience, all instructors are trained at BMW Motorrad in Germany, and by our chief instructor in Sweden.

Together we have traveled by motorcycle in more than 50 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, North America, and Australia. We are, however, not competition riders, but gravel riders with a vast experience and a genuine passion for motorcycles.

Always several instructors

All our training’s are accompanied by at least two active instructors, often three. This let’s us divide the participants into smaller groups according to skill levels, to ensure a personalized level of training for everyone. This is also necessary to not have to interrupt the training, if something unexpected happens, such as a motorcycle breaking down.

Touratech Experience - Förarutbildning
Touratech Experience - Förarutbildning

First aid trained instructors

We always focus on the safety during our training’s, but should an accident occur, you should be able to trust that you get the best possible help. All our instructors have undergone extensive first aid training with focus on motorcycle accidents. We are also CPR trained and at our training area there are always complete first aid equipment.

Touratech Experience - Förarutbildning
Förarutbildning Basic
Touratech Experience - Förarutbildning

Driving licence & riding gear

Are you wondering whether adventure riding is for you? Then this is the right place for you. You can ride our motorcycles and the only thing you need to participate in our training’s are a driving license for heavy motorcycles and riding gear.

Scratches and scuffs are included

All our motorcycles are fully insured and in case of damage, the excess is a maximum of 10 000 SEK. This only applies if you cause any damage that requires repair. If you fall over or drop the motorcycle during the training and cause minor scratches or scuffs, there is usually no charge at all.

Touratech Experience - Förarutbildning