8 days in february & march

This tour goes on the Algarve coast in the south of Portugal. Our daily distance is 150-250 kilometers of gravel roads but also a few curvy asphalt stages. The roads we ride have been used by BMW for the presentation of the F800 GS and by the WRC-rally. We dare to say that this area of Portugal offers some of the best gravel roads in the world. Along the way, we will be passing orange plantations, cork oaks, deep valleys and high mountains with views over the Atlantic Ocean. At least two tour guides always guide you on their motorcycles, and a support vehicle is still nearby.

When our trips are arranged, the daytime temperature is usually between 15-25 degrees Celsius — the perfect temperature for riding a motorcycle. The days typically offer sunshine from clear blue skies. The roads are mainly easy to ride with unlimited possibilities for more advanced options for the person who wishes that. You do not need to be a master of gravel to follow this journey, but you should feel comfortable on regular gravel roads.

All week we live at the same nice resort with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and walking distance to some of Algarve’s most beautiful beaches.


Touratech Experience Portugal - video

Gruskörning på mc i Portugal

The riding

The roads are mainly easy to ride with the possibility of more advanced passages for those who wish. You absolutely do not have to be a champion on riding gravel to go on this journey, but you should feel comfortable on smaller gravel roads and be able to take you on a different forest road. If necessary, we divide the group into a Basic and an Advanced. We then ride essentially the same roads, but when the opportunity is given, the more advanced group runs tougher passages. During the days you have several occasions to change groups if you wish. The riding is led by BMW Motorrad certified tour guide.

Food & hotel

We live throughout the trip at Alba Resort, owned by the football player Luís Figo, about 60 km from the Algarve / Faro airport. The resort holds a high class of food and accommodation and is only a stone’s throw from the Atlantic coast.

During breakfast and dinner, we have a view of the sea. We live in nice apartments where each participant has their own room. Here you will find all facilities such as kitchen, TV, bath, AC and free WiFi. In addition to the jacuzzi, SPA facility, gym and wine cellar at the Resort, there are many activities nearby such as water sports, horse riding, golf, bike rental, and shopping.

Touratech Experience - Alba resort Portugal
Touratech Experience - Alba resort Portugal
Förarutbildning på mc i Portugal

Rider training included

During our travels, rider training is always included and in Portugal, we have devoted a whole day to this. We focus first and foremost on getting to know the motorcycles as well as repeating brakes and cornering. Then there is the training of what comes during the week which up and down slopes. Rider training is carried out by BMW Motorrad-certified instructor. Throughout the journey, you will receive continuous feedback from our instructors.

In case of more difficult passages, we work as a team, help out and take us through together. We dare promise that you are a better and safer rider after a trip with us!


Select a day for more information.

If you arrive early this day, we recommend that you explore the beautiful nature around the resort. In the evening we have a common dinner and go through the week’s arrangement.

We gather in the morning and begin with a presentation of ourselves and the motorcycles. After possible. The bikes are set for a day trip of about 25 kilometers on essential asphalt. The first 10 miles is a quieter drive to Sao Vicente at Portugal’s southwestern tip. After a lunch break, we then roll towards the mountain Moncique on really curvy roads. After lunch, we reach the top at close to 1000 meters and if the weather is with us we have an incredible view of Portugal’s south and west coast. From the top, an equally curvy road takes us back to the resort.

On Monday we devote ourselves to rider training on our training area about 20 km from the resort. Here we have large gravel plans, slopes of all sizes, water passages and much more. During the morning it is a refreshment of, eg. body position, lifting, brake technique and cornering that apply. During the afternoon, it is primarily a focus on how we safely take us up and down for slopes and through water passages. Guaranteed a long and sweaty day, but the riding technique will significantly benefit you in the coming days.

The first real “gravel day” begins in itself with a few miles of asphalt to Sao Marcos de Serra and then searches for primarily easy-to-drive gravel roads in varying terrain. Around lunch, there is the possibility of some more exciting gravel riding in some deep valleys and along winding forest roads. After lunch and some faster asphalt curves, we heading into the eucalyptus trees for today’s final gravel paths.

One of the most varied days. Starts with a few miles of transport through smaller villages and orange plantations and then finds the way to the gravel. After the first lunch break, we divide ourselves into a Basic and an Advanced group. Routes are largely on the same roads but the Advanced gang runs over the exciting mountains instead of around them. During the morning we pass, among other things. the infamous “Steijer-hill” which always offers a spectacular show for both riders and spectators. The rest of the day offers a number of (usually) smaller water passages and ends with some curvy gravel paths which then turn into really nice winding asphalt roads.

Another fascinating day that after a few miles of asphalt transforms into the so-called. “The Källviks tour” where there may be some water in the rivers we pass. In dry weather, we have some exciting advanced slopes for those who wish, on wet roads, parts of the Advance passages will be almost impossible, but only almost. After lunch, we arrive at a slightly higher altitude and get some nice asphalt stretches through a wind farm. In the afternoon we drive along one of our favorites, the so-called “redback” that rises over the lush landscape. Definitely an intense gravel experience on a shapely adventure bike!

Friday offers a slightly shorter but amazingly sweet tour in very varied landscapes. We ride on everything from larger, faster gravel roads to narrow, almost vegetated, forest roads. Airy mountain passages and lush valleys replace each other, and with a little luck, we can enjoy a sea view during lunch. When we slowly move towards the resort, we once again pass our training area, and we dare promise that those slopes that looked so scary out the first few days will have shrunk properly.

The time goes fast when you have fun, and the adventure is over for this time. For some it is early transfer to the airport, others have the opportunity to enjoy the resort’s facilities and hopefully some sun and clear blue sky before it is time to take the flight home. Luckily, there are more trips to go with, so hopefully, it’s not long before we see you again!

Touratech Experience Portugal - supportbil
Touratech Experience support

Full support

Our support vehicle is equipped with tools, spare parts, water, snacks and lunch, which is set at a nice spot on one of the breaks. In case of emergency, the support vehicle and the tour guides’ motorcycles are equipped with first-aid kits. All our tour guides are trained in first aid.

Included in the price

  • 1-day rider training on gravel
  • 5-days of adventure riding
  • At least 2 tour guides with motorcycle
  • 6 days rental of BMW GS
  • Full Motorcycle Insurance
  • Motorcycle fuel
  • Replacement motorcycle if needed
  • Transfer to/from Faro/Algarve Airport
  • 7 nights stay in own room
  • Breakfast, lunch & snacks all the riding days
  • Support vehicles incl. driver

What’s not included?

Flight to/from Faro/Algarve, dinners, and personal riding equipment.

BMW GS Portugal

Things to remember

  • Remember that travel insurance is required in case you get ill or injure yourself. Most home insurances also include travel insurance. Check with your insurance company.
  • We recommend bringing some kind of drinking system (e.g. Camelback), because it may be hot during the days.
  • Always wear complete protective equipment in the form of an approved integral or motocross helmet (openable helmets must be closed during all riding), approved back protection, shoulder protectors, elbow guards, knee guards, gloves and protective motocross or adventure boots.


Incl. BMW F750GS32 900 SEK
Incl. BMW F850GS34 400 SEK
Incl. BMW R1200GS35 900 SEK
Incl. BMW R1200GS Adventure35 900 SEK