Our Greek trip offer challenging riding and exciting roads in really hilly terrain. We ride through cozy coastal towns on curvy asphalt roads and through distant valleys on stunning gravel roads. The journey begins in the Athens area and then heading north on a mixture of asphalt and gravel roads. We start at sea level and ride up to about 1,800 meters. The challenges are increasing day by day on our way north over the Greek mountains which eventually take us up to Vikos George in Monodéndri, north-west Greece. We then turn south to find our way down towards Nafpaktos and the beautiful bridge over to the Peloponnese where the journey ends with another mountain pass that offers magical views of the coastal town of Patras.

You should have some experience of gravel riding to appreciate this trip and be prepared for it to be some long days when we move to new hotels every day. We are always at least two tour guides on motorcycles so we can divide ourselves into a faster and a quieter group, where we have the opportunity to ride somewhat shorter days on a few occasions.

Our route mostly follows Adventure Country Tracks (ACT) – Greece, but we have adapted it to our participants and our start and end point near Athens. The film below from ACT Greece gives you a good picture of what the trip offers, even if our route looks different in some way.


Adventure Country Tracks - Greece


The Riding

The roads in Greece vary from larger faster asphalt roads to virtually non-existent tracks across the mountains. On dry roads, most of the route is relatively easy to ride, but a little rain makes it much more exciting! Large parts of the route are at high altitude on open mountain roads. We also pass a number of rocky stretches and water passages where we help each other to get over. You should feel comfortable on smaller gravel roads and forest roads to appreciate this trip. We usually divide ourselves into two groups, a little faster and a little quieter. The quieter group has the opportunity to ride somewhat shorter distances some of the days.


Food & Hotel

First and last night we live an hour’s journey from Athens, at the Corinth Canal. We then move to different hotels of a good standard, with a shower and toilet in the room, for the rest of the week. Part in a double room is included as standard in the trip, if you wish single room please contact us for price suggestions. Breakfast, lunch, and coffee included all riding days. Near our hotels, there is always at least one good restaurant where those who wish can eat together during the evening. Some evenings we have several restaurants to choose from.


Click on each day for more information.

Our hotel is about 100 km from Athens Airport and we arrange transfers several times a day if required. If you arrive early we recommend that you explore the surroundings around the hotel. We live right by the water along the Gulf of Corinth and when we arrange our trips it is usually a pleasant climate for a walk along the beach. In the evening when everyone has arrived, it is dinner and you get all the information you need for the coming week.

We gather in the morning and begin with a presentation of ourselves and the motorcycles. Then the motorcycles are set for a day trip of about 350 km, where the first 250 km are primarily asphalt. The last 100 km of the day takes us over the first mountain passages north of the Corinth Gulf to Ano Chora where we live in a cozy hotel with fantastic views up in the mountains.

We start the day by filling a few liters of fuel in every motorcycle as it is on the verge that we can manage from yesterday’s last fuel station to today’s final goal. Now the roads are starting to get exciting! The day’s trip of about 130 km does not sound that much, but the roads through the hilly landscape constantly offer surprises and curve by curve. We travel up to about 1,800 meters before it is time to roll down towards Karpenisi where we stop for the night.

Another short day if you only measure the distance, about 150 km, but the challenges will replace each other. We start with some really nice asphalt stretches that turn into gravel and climb into the Agrafa Mountains. We follow the river Agrafiotis along really entertaining gravel roads and again climb up to about 1,700 meters altitude with some fantastic views. We roll down to Lake Plastira and along the seafront to today’s goal Neochori where we spend the night.

The day starts with a rather rough stretch of just over a 10 km, which can be really exciting if it’s wet! After some nice asphalt stretches, it is more easy to ride, but very fine gravel roads in the mountains up to Metsovo. We then follow nice asphalt roads to Vikos Gorge which is really worth a visit despite a walk of around 200 meters … After we visited Vikos Gorge we drive on to Paingo where we stop for the night. Today’s stage is about 300 km, but relatively easy to ride after the morning’s challenge.


Now it is faster asphalt roads that apply to get south again. The Greek landscape shifts during the day and we pass both higher mountain massages and villages along the west coast. The day ends after nearly 400 km in Nafpaktos where we stop for the night.


The adventure is not yet over! After yesterday’s asphalt tour it is time to cross the beautiful bridge over to Peloponnese and look up the mountains once again. With wonderful views of the coastal town of Patras, we climb along the mountainside on really fine gravel roads. One of the highlights of the day is the green mountains north of Kalavryta where we ride in the almost uninhabited landscape. We then roll down towards the Gulf of Corinth again, pass the Corinth Canal and arrive at the hotel where we started the journey in time for the evening’s dinner.


Full support

Our support vehicle is equipped with tools, spare parts, water, snacks and lunch, which is set at a nice spot on one of the breaks. In case of emergency, the support vehicle and the tour guides’ motorcycles are equipped with first-aid kits. All our tour guides are trained in first aid.


What´s included

  • 6 days of adventure
  • At least 2 tour guides on motorcycle
  • 6 day rental of BMW GS of latest model
  • Full Motorcycle Insurance
  • Motorcycle fuel
  • Replacement motorcycle as needed
  • Transfer ToR Athens Airport
  • 7 nights stay in double room
  • Breakfast, lunch & snacks all the riding days
  • Support vehicles incl. drivers </ li>
  • Packing roll transported by support vehicle

What is not included?

Flight To/from Athens, dinners, and personal equipment.



  • Keep in mind that you must have travel insurance if you would get sick or injured during the trip, most people have them through the home insurance. Check this with your insurance company. A European insurance certificate is also good to have, this is provided free of charge at the Social Insurance Office.
  • It is our strong recommendation that you bring with you some form of drinking system (type Camelback) as it can get really sweaty during the days.
  • Always wear complete protective equipment in the form of an approved integral or motocross helmet (openable helmets must be closed during all riding), approved back protector, shoulder protection, elbow protection, knee protection, gloves, and robust motocross or adventure boots.


Incl. BMW F750 GS32 900 SEK
Incl. BMW F850 GS34 400 SEK
Inkl. BMW R1250 GS35 900 SEK
Inkl. BMW R1250 GS Adventure35 900 SEK